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Regular size cashew good in taste & healthy. Cashew nuts being very rich in taste are a common ingredient in desserts and are used to make oils. They make excellent garnish for baked goods.

Top 5 Cashew / Kaju Benefits :

  •  Cashew Prevents Cancer : Proanthocyanidins and high copper content in cashew nuts help fight against cancerous cells.
  •  Cashew Keep Heart Healthy : Cashew are Cholesterol free and the Antioxidants present keeps you away from heart diseases.
  •  Cashew Keep Bones Healthy : Calcium & Magnesium important for bone health are the main content in Cashew nuts
  •  Cashew Prevents Gallstones : Daily intake of cashew nut can reduce the risk of developing gallstones.
  •  Cashew are High on Vitamins : Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin etc. These vitamins keep you safe from sideroblastic anemia, pellagra, etc.

Nutrition Facts of Cashew / Kaju :

Weight 100 Gram
Calories 553
Total Fat 44 Gram
Total Carbohydrate 30 Gram
Total Protein 18 Gram
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 12 mg
Potassium 660 mg

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